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There’s No Such Thing As Sidecountry

Posted: December 10th, 2017

How many of us have ever ducked a rope at the local ski area looking for “freshies”? By ducking that rope you have now left the ski area and are… More

The Essentials for Backcountry Skiing – G3 & Scarpa

Posted: September 18th, 2017

Transitioning from alpine skiing to the backcountry can be a rewarding but daunting endeavor. To help with the gear learning curve, The Trail Head is hosting an evening with SCARPA & G3 Genuine Guide Gear to… More

Where are we going to mount your skis?

Posted: November 22nd, 2016

In a quick look this morning I found over 300 brands of skis for sale world wide this year.  While the big 10-12 make up a large part of the… More

Worn Wear Truck Coming To Missoula

Posted: February 17th, 2016

Why repair a garment instead of just buying another? Lots of reasons, Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario explains it. Repair is a Radical Act By Rose Marcario, Patagonia CEO This holiday… More

Skiing In Your Backyard

Posted: December 30th, 2015

There was a lot of chatter about El Niño heading into winter this year. Granted we’ve barely entered “official” winter, we are still doing alright. Now is the time to… More

SOS SKI SWAP Sat and Sun November 7th and 8th

Posted: October 29th, 2015

Ski Season in Missoula Officially starts with the annual SOS ski swap.  The Swap, put on every year by volunteers from the Snowbowl National Ski Patrol is an event that seems to… More

Smartphone Avalanche App Warning

Posted: October 24th, 2013

Apps marketed as transceivers give users false sense of protection Oct 24, 2013, Revelstoke, BC: Smartphone avalanche search applications that are marketed as avalanche rescue systems are not recommended, says… More

There Is No Such Thing As Sidecountry

Posted: October 14th, 2013

As we head towards another ski season the number of backcountry setups seems to be increasing every year. Backcoutry tools do not always enter into peoples minds or pocketbooks. I… More

DPS Skis Dreamtime Pre-order Event

Posted: July 1st, 2013

It’s in the 90’s, your on the water when not hunkered down in an air conditioned oasis, why think about skis? Why not with the DPS Dreamtime pre-order sale starting… More

Is A Good Deal Worth Someone’s Life?

Posted: January 30th, 2013

Certain Costco stores around the country are selling Lifeline metal shovels, these are aluminum break-down shovels that look an awful lot like avalanche shovels…but they’re not. Some avalanche instructors have… More