DPS Skis Dreamtime Pre-order Event

Posted: Monday, July 1st, 2013 at 11:30 pm

DPS Skis Dreamtime Pre-order Event Image

It’s in the 90’s, your on the water when not hunkered down in an air conditioned oasis, why think about skis? Why not with the DPS Dreamtime pre-order sale starting in two weeks. This is the one time of year DPS lets us extend a savings on to you, save $150 on any Pure3 or $100 on any Hybrid. But wait, there’s more, if you order right now! Sorry, started to channel Billy Mays there…there are a couple bonuses though,  you can choose special edition graphics, available only during this Dreamtime promotion.  What’s the other bonus? We would love to stock the entire line but we just can’t. We will be stocking 5 models this winter; all styles of the Wailer (including the new for this year112RPC), both Pure3 and Hybrid styles of the of the Yvette and Nina. Now this is a darn good representation of DPS, but it leaves a few out. Here’s your chance to get what you want, get free shipping, and save yourself some cash.

How does it work? Easy, once you know which ski you want come in or call between July 16 – August 1, prepay in full then sit back and daydream, we’ll call you when your skis arrive. Come in join an exclusive cadre of skiers who know what a high end, hand-made, powder board skis like. See you soon.