Day Hikes

There are many options for hikes in Missoula from right in town to short drives out-of-town. You can run up the “M” at lunch or hike to Holland Falls this weekend. We carry maps and guide books for all the regional hikes and forests.

  • Stuart Peak in the Rattlesnake Wilderness

    10.4 Mi. Away

    Start at the Rattlesnake Recreation Area trailhead. Hike up the trail just to the north of the Sawmill Gulch Road.… Difficulty: Medium

  • Lolo Peak

    21.4 Mi. Away

    Elevation gain 2,894, 13 miles roundtrip

    Difficulty: Medium
  • Kootenai Canyon

    28.7 Mi. Away

    Missoula's most popular climbing destination for sport & traditional climbing. Great routes for all levels of climbers. There are climbs… Difficulty: Medium

  • Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge

    33.6 Mi. Away

    Located along the meandering Bitterroot River and surrounded by majestic towering mountains, the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge offers spectacular… Difficulty: Easy

  • Cha-paa-qn/Sleeping Woman

    36.6 Mi. Away

    Head north up the hillside on the Sleeping Woman Trail through the fir and whitebark pine forest. Climb up the… Difficulty: Medium

  • Lolo Pass

    38 Mi. Away

    The climbing at Lolo Pass begins lower down the road with The Heap (map at left.) The Heap has many… Difficulty: Easy

  • Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge

    39.7 Mi. Away

    This exceptional wetland complex contains over 800 glacial potholes and a 1,770-acre reservoir. About 200 bird species have been recorded.… Difficulty: Easy

  • St. Mary’s Peak in the Bitterroots

    42.4 Mi. Away

    From: Summit Post

    Saint Mary Peak is one of the most accessible 9,000+ ft peaks in the Bitterroot Mountains… Difficulty: Medium

  • Mill Creek Canyon

    46 Mi. Away

    The hike into Mill Creek is a 35-45 minute arduous affair. But when you arrive you will be awarded with… Difficulty: Medium

  • Missions: Mission Falls

    47.8 Mi. Away

    The Mission Mountains Tribal Wilderness Area covers almost 92,000 acres. It ranges from around 4000 feet in the foothills, to… Difficulty: Medium

  • Bitterroots: Blodgett Canyon To Waterfall

    51.2 Mi. Away

    From the parking lot head west into the mouth of the canyon along the south side of the creek.Look for… Difficulty: Easy

  • Swan Valley: Upper Holland Lake

    77.5 Mi. Away

    The trailhead for 1.5 mile long Holland Falls National Recreation Trail starts at the end of Holland Lake Road. At… Difficulty: Medium

  • Swan Valley: Holland Falls

    78.4 Mi. Away

    The trailhead for 1.5 mile long Holland Falls National Recreation Trail starts at the end of Holland Lake Road. At… Difficulty: Medium

  • Great Burn: Heart Lake

    78.7 Mi. Away

    Heart Lake Trail (171) is an easy but long hike to the largest lake on the district. The trail follows… Difficulty: Easy

  • Humbug Spires

    139 Mi. Away

    Part of the Boulder Batholith with more than 50 granite spires along the west and southwest of the range, The… Difficulty: Medium

  • Bozeman: Hyalite Canyon

    216 Mi. Away

    Hyalite Canyon Recreation Area is the most heavily visited recreation area inĀ  Montana with three campgrounds and two day use… Difficulty: Medium