Cha-paa-qn/Sleeping Woman

Activity Details

From Missoula:36.6 Miles
Activity Type(s): Day Hikes Peak / Summit Hikes
Length (1-way):2.42 Miles


Head north up the hillside on the Sleeping Woman Trail through the fir and whitebark pine forest. Climb up the northwest slope of Stony Creek Canyon. As you climb you will start to see views of the surrounding peaks through the trees.Climb the switchback to the left and gradually curve right , continue onto the summit. At 2.2 miles you will encounter a rock cairn, the trail to the left goes to Kennedy Creek (7miles) to the right Reservation Divide Trail leads to Edith peak (3.5 miles.) Continue straight to Sleeping Woman summit.


Take I-90 west from Missoula to Exit 82, Ninemile Road. Go approximately 2 miles.  Go 2 miles to four-way Junction. continue straight on Remount Road 476 for 2 miles, then veer northwest (left) on 5490 for 1.5 miles, then turn west on 456. Continue 1 mile turn north (right) on 2178, and it is approximately 6.5 miles to Squaw Peak Trail 707.