Fly Fishing Waders & Boots

Fly fishing is a great summer activity. Spending those hot sunny days of July and August waist deep in cool rivers in a pair of sandals and bathing suit just sounds refreshing. But to be honest, the best fishing that Montana has to offer is not during those warm and sunny few months, it is in the spring, fall and sometimes the winter. ThisĀ is why you will need an excellent pair of waders and wading boots.

Patagonia offers the highest quality and most feature rich waders on the market. With their H2No material and ergonomic design, your will be able to fish in all day comfort. Add in their outstanding lineup of wading boots and you have the utmost in comfort and security. Whether you pick the ultra-sticky rubber, classic felt or their new rock magnet (I mean aluminum) soles, you will not be slipping and sliding and can focus on enjoying your day in the river.

Let us help fit your with the best wading gear on the market today.