Backcountry Skiing/Riding

Ski Touring can be as simple as a stroll up a closed Logging road and as committed as a winter ascent of one of western Montana’s peaks.

Missoula has a number of options for folks looking for a guided style Trip.  Yurt Ski, Downing Mountain Lodge and Altoona Ridge Lodge are three popular backcountry operations in the Missoula area.

For the self starter, close easy access to great backcountry skiing can be found just out of bounds at Snowbowl, along the Highway to Lolo pass and off the summit of the pass.   If you have lungs and steel legs the Area has literally Hundreds of great options that can be done as day trips form Missoula or overnight tours.  Add a snowmobile to the mix and the world gets even smaller.

Keep in mind West Central Montana has a snowpack that is incredibly variable from near maritime conditions in the west to more Colorado like Alpine snowpack in the Eastern edges of our area.  Be aware, take a class and know your limits.

For updated avalanche conditions in the region, visit this site run by the West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation the site offers forecasts 2 times a week and also has the schedule for all educational activities they are involved with.  Think about a donation to further the goals of the 501c.3


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