Bitterroot Peaks on Bitterroot National Forest

Activity Details

From Missoula:28 Miles
Activity Type(s): Backcountry Skiing / Riding


A number of the Bitterroot peaks provide good day trips with varied tree, glade, open slope and chute skiing. Some trips, such as Ward Mountain, are excellent midwinter trips with trailheads starting
near the valley floor. Others such as Trapper Peak are generally done as day trips only during the shoulder seasons of late fall and spring. This list is in no way exhaustive of the day skiing opportunities
on the ridges and peaks of the east face of the Bitterroot Divide, only representing good trips taken by members of our group.
Sweeney Peak. Because of the lower elevation trailhead, access to ridge of Sweeney Peak is often possible through most of winter.
Point 9033, locally known as Little St. Joseph Peak. Just east of St. Joseph Peak is a long day trip accessible from Bass Creek campground throughout winter and spring.
St. Mary’s Peak and adjoining ridges. This area provides good open slope skiing off surrounding
ridges and nice open ridge and glade skiing on eastern trail approach. It is often accessible in late fall and in spring once access road to trailhead melts off.
Gash Point. Midwinter access is dependent upon road conditions. It is always accessible in late spring with great subalpine terrain and a great open bowl just to the south of the summit.
The lake basin and ridge northwest of Glen Lake is a short spring trip with fine north and east facing open slopes and glade skiing from the 8800’ elevation ridge top down to unnamed lake at head of unnamed fork of Big Creek.
Ward Mountain. Trailhead on plowed Roaring Lion Road makes this a great midwinter day