Women’s Clothing

Women are busy – we get it.  The Trail Head and The Trail Head, T9’s goal is to offer you an excellent selection of clothing that will fit all aspects of your busy life.  The women’s outdoor industry has changed a lot over the past decade and we are excited that the “shrink it and pink it” philosophy of making women’s outdoor apparel has faded away!!  The Trail Head and Trail Head, T9 is excited to offer you high quality outdoor apparel that will not only keep you warm, dry and comfortable but clothing that looks good all the while.  Our clothing is meant to go from the trail to the coffee shop, from the board room to parent/teacher conferences and from work to date night!  Our fabrics are durable, soft and flattering and the styles are practical, stylish and colorful.  Come on in and check out the latest and greatest in outdoor apparel at the Trail Head and Trail Head, T9.