SOS SKI SWAP Sat and Sun November 7th and 8th

Posted: Thursday, October 29th, 2015 at 9:00 am

SOS SKI SWAP  Sat and Sun November 7th and 8th Image

Ski Season in Missoula Officially starts with the annual SOS ski swap.  The Swap, put on every year by volunteers from the Snowbowl National Ski Patrol is an event that seems to set the timing of the beginning of the retailers ski season (not to be confused with the actual ski season).  Us retailers seem to wait around for the Swap weekend to really get things going in the retail shops.  I think folks go on the annual pilgrimage to Big Sky High School the check out all the gear that skiers are trying to turn over.  The hard working volunteers help the public who are selling set a price and they also do an amazing job of “grading” the equipment.

They help to screen the unsafe bindings of past seasons and the boots that are broken or will not function in current bindings.  That said many things get through and that is why us along with other retailers are at the event to help you make better choices as you wade through the racks of stuff trying to find the diamond in the pile of rocks.

Words of advice…….

Get there Early if you want kids stuff,  Measure and know what sizes you will need before you get in, most boots are measured in Mondo point size which is the Centimeter length of your foot (conversion chart below) but remember from highschool science that there are 2.54 cm to every inch so measure in inches and multiply by 2.54  a foot (with toes) that is just over 10.5 inches is a 27 mondo point and a mens 9-9.5

the details …..

Drop off is Saturday from 9-5

Sale is Sunday from 10-3

pick up of unsold gear is Sunday from 5-8

If you have questions give us a shout and we will try and help out!!!!