Quiver Killers

Posted: Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 at 9:59 am

Quiver Killers Image

Ever wish you had more flexibility in your ski set-up? Or ski your favorite skis for both AT and Tele? Now you can thanks to a company called Quiver Killers. Once installed, you can take your bindings on and off as much as you like. This is great for traveling, to share one pair of bindings between multiple pairs of skis, or if you’d like to have the flexibility of switching out your touring and alpine bindings on the same pair of skis.


These little guys are stainless steel (no rust) have rolled not cut threads for stronger longer life. They’re small and light, they won’t go through your base. Best of all we can install them here in our ski shop. Our techs have been installing them for a couple seasons now and have figured out all the tricks for the best mounts. The more popular ways we’ve seen them mounted is several pairs of skis with one set of bindings to between them, or tele and a.t. on the same ski. Another option that has potential is two different positions a centimeter or two apart.


Stop by our shop today and take a look, these are probably our smallest product but has big potential.