Gift Ideas For The Season

Posted: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 5:03 pm

Gift Ideas For The Season Image

The holiday season is bearing down on us folks and I know there are some out there whom haven’t even begun to shop. It’s now down to a week left so we thought we would put some ideas out there. Some are our favorite “go-to” gifts, they won’t break the bank and every one is a fan. Others are new and/or unique to the Trail Head, and some are just plain cool. So before we get started here, we want to encourage you to come in and lean on our staff for suggestions, they are a great resource and will surprise you with their creativity.

We’ll start with the easy ones,(1) hats, socks, and headlamps. These are no-brainers, every one love socks and some just won’t buy them foe themselves. And who doesn’t love a warm winter hat? I have a bunch but I have ONE that when I can’t find it I get a little twitchy. Headlamps have to be one of the best inventions since fire, okay, that may be an exaggeration but they are dang handy. I have one with a red light that I use every night as a reading light. DO they already own own? If it’s a Petzl certain Tikka models can be retrofitted with a rechargeable battery that you can program which light gets the most juice.

How about something for the person that has everything? Do they also have aches and pains? Check out the(2) Theracane, it looks like a shortened sheep herders staff with a couple extra prongs. What is it? It’s a tool to help break up those knots in your muscles that make you groan and walk funny. It comes with a booklet that shows how to use it on virtually every muscle group. We have a store “cane” that routinely makes the rounds of the weekend warrior employees. Coffee addict in your life? Check out the (3)Aeropress, brought to you by Aerobie, that’s right the “Astonishing Flying Ring” makers. It’s like combining the portability of a french press with the superb flavor of a freshly pulled espresso shot. Everyone that owns own is quick to report it brews the best cup of coffee, and it can be brewed anywhere you can conjure up a bit of hot water.

When is a shovel more than a shovel? (4)K2’s Rescue Shovel has a bag of hardware inside the handle that allows you in conjunction with a pair of K2 skis (or any brand with a hole through the tip and tail) to build a rescue sled. Pretty cool idea. And when the sky’s the limit, we are excited to be a DPS ski dealer. Great option for powder rangers.

For the little guys our boat buyer found these cool kids (5)paddles from Sawyer that besides having some neat paintings on one face of the paddle, on the back side there is a place for them to write down where they have paddled and the fun things they have seen. Definitely something that will stay with for years after they have outgrown it.

And lastly, we have some great clothing and outerwear here. It is the season for cold and we can combat that with down, fleece, flannel etc. Too much to name here so come downtown and browse some of the fun stuff we have this holiday season.