Clark Fork River: Alberton Gorge Triple Bridges

Activity Details

From Missoula:38 Miles
Activity Type(s): Day Floats Surf Spots Whitewater


Triple Bridges marks the beginning of the Lower Gorge. Triple Bridges Rapid offers a variety of playspots: a bottom right hole at base flows, a main wave above 3,000, and other waves above 6,000cfs. Comp Hole, a local favorite at Triple Bridges, needs around 10,000 and up to be surfable. Split Rock Rapid provides a wave/hole that is great for cartwheels. Icebox has a steep and challenging wave. Tumbleweed is up next which is the rapid that gives paddlers the most problems, with its big hole, swirly run-out, and changes with water levels. Surfer Joe is a little wave, Boateater has a chaotic wavehole, and then there is Fang - the other big one. Fang can provide some extremely fast and fun wave surfing at almost all water levels, and can also flip rafts. Fang is best above 2500, and best above 6,000. After Fang a couple small rapids lead to Ralph's Take Out, a trail on river right up (200 yards) to the parking lot, which is used by most kayakers.  The standard rafting take out at Forest Grove provides easy trailer access.


Located just east of Missoula on I-90, Exit 66 Fish Creek, turn right and head down to the river.