Trail Head Retreat Week

Posted: Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 at 12:42 pm

Trail Head Retreat Week Image

The Trail Head has been providing outdoor gear in Missoula, MT since 1974.  We have been preaching the benefits of being outside for over 47 years however the desire for more green time is at an all-time high. A walk down the Rattlesnake corridor, a hike up Mount Sentinel, or a float down the Clark Fork are more important to us than ever. 

Due to the surge of interest in the outdoors since the pandemic we have seen the demand for hard goods increase dramatically. While that sounds like a positive thing coming from an outdoor retailer the reality is covid did as much to the supply channel as it did for our mental state. The pandemic mixed with supply issues has put a major strain on our loyal employees. We want to give back to them and allow them to connect back with the outdoors. 

Instead of calling it a closure let’s call it The Trail Head Retreat week.  You will find us backpacking in the Bob and Beartooth’s, climbing the City of Rocks in Idaho, surfing in Oregon, salmon fishing in Alaska, canoeing the wild and scenic Missouri from Coal Banks to Judith Landing, mountain biking at Whistler in BC, camping and fishing on “no tellum” creek in MT, and adventuring the lower main Salmon River and Snake River. 

The Trail Head and Trail Head River Sports will be closed Oct 10 – Oct 17.  Mask up, support your local community, and get outside.