Halfway Through

Posted: Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 at 5:44 pm

Halfway Through Image

Midwinter is not something you can mark on a calendar like the solstice or equinox, it’s a little more abstract. Winter seemed like it started sooner this year (although it was like that every year as a kid) with a very early arctic blast. Now, three weeks into January I think it’s safe to say we are midway through. Two complete freeze and thaw cycles on the Clark Fork through town. Some valley snow, some valley rain. There’s plenty of snow in the high country, Discovery has a snowpack that is not usually seen until February or later. The hockey season is in full swing, folks are getting ready for the Superbowl. My attention is pointing towards spring.

About halfway through each season I find myself itching for the next season, we’re spoiled like that here. Halfway through spring I want it warmer so I can jump in the river, halfway through summer I want fall to cool things down again, you get the idea. Now halfway through winter I’m watching folks heading to the banks of the river for early season trout and I find myself hankering for spring. Looking forward to the next set of outdoor activities, fishing, boating, trail running, mountain biking. I know some out there are reading this thinking you can do all that now, I just want to do it without 3 or 4 layers!