Ski The Himalayas 2 Movie At The Trail Head 9/20

Posted: Monday, September 17th, 2012 at 4:30 pm

Ski The Himalayas 2 Movie At The Trail Head 9/20 Image

Have you ever dreamed of skiing the biggest line there is? There are are few guys doing just that. Ben Clark, Jonathon Miller, Chris Jacquet, Gavin Anstey, and Josh Butson have been climbing and skiing in the Himalaya since 2009. There goal is to let anyone enjoy their expeditions through blog posts and video  posts on their website.

In Ski The Himalaya2 aspiring Himalayan skiers Ben Clark and Jon Miller lead a ski expedition to a remote peak only to have it fail before it gets off the ground in Nepal-lost somewhere in translation. After everything goes wrong, the pair and willing participants scale a peak to it’s summit and ski the best run of their lives with a team of friends…until the unexpected sweeps them off their feet. 10.1 millimeters of rope stands between success in the mountains and major failure when an avalanche strikes the team off balance and back into the culture they have come to appreciate.

Come down to The Trail Head Thursday night at 7:00 for a free screening of the film, best of all it’s free!