La Nina vs. Missoula: Take Two

Posted: Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 at 3:32 pm

La Nina vs. Missoula: Take Two Image

After the last winter season, NOAA’s prediction that we would experience another La Nina season seemed to send the outdoor crowd in Missoula into a buzz. Last years winter started off with much more early season valley snowfall. This year has yet to see significant accumulations on the valley floor. Sure there has been a little bit here and there, but not the stuff you dream about, or the stuff you sit and watch in ski/snowboard movies. It ‘s seemed like La Nina ran out of steam, until now.

With anywhere from 6″ to 12″ predicted in the valley and upwards of 8’ in the mountains there is a buzz about town again for winter’s real arrival. Every time I pass a computer monitor there is a weather map showing this storm’s progress. There is already talk of an impending sickness and the possibility of ski techs too sick to come in. The tire shops parking lots are full, people have snow shovels tied to the roof of their cars. Kids have been overheard using the terms “snow day”  and “no school”.

As I scan through the interwebs this time it looks legitimate. So gas up the rig, check your sick days, and don’t be surprised if the ski shop is closed due to an outbreak of “powderitis”.