Crazy Creek, the best seat in the house.

Posted: Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 at 11:17 pm

Crazy Creek, the best seat in the house. Image

With all the gear out these days it is easy to be overwhelmed with technology. Whether it’s the latest, greatest, waterproof-breathable fabric. Or the newest, lightest tent etc. One piece of gear that is still a favorite is my Crazy Creek camp chair. I just ordered my third one. That’s the third one in twenty years.


I bought my first one right out of high school. It served me well for many years of campfire sitting, camping, or just hanging out on the tailgate eating lunch. It is always stored in the rig for emergencies. Such a simple design and the company is still based in Red Lodge Montana.


My second was replaced out of the Crazy Creek reps van. He came in to show new product and mentioned the lifetime warranty. One of my straps had started to separate so he said to go grab the old one and he’d give me a new one. That one saw its fair share of similar adventures but a few new twists thrown in, diaper changes, emergency sleeping pad, a kneeler for working in the garden.


Enter Crazy Creek #3. The metal stays had started to come loose on #2 when I saw the newest version, the Hexlite 2.0. Sure I could have sent my second chair in for replacement under the lifetime warranty but with such a small price I’ve gotten a lot in return from this product. So now, my newest Crazy Creek will hopefully get me through ten more years of campfires and quality times spent outdoors in high meadows and under the stars.