Computer Printers SUCK

Posted: Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 at 8:58 am

Computer Printers SUCK Image

Computer Printers SUCK
Ok so we are now on our 3rd computer printer at home.  Here at the store I have a big commercial BIZ hub and a monthly contract for service so this arghh moment is strictly for the house.  My kids 14 and 16 have gone from wanting to print 25 pages of the art they made on the computer to now actually needing to print some homework out.


Our first printer crapped out when 2 years old because “it was left on too much” and that dried the ink out and killed the print heads.  I bought a unit for about 300 bucks that was supposed to do everything but the laundry and with in a year we had to upgrade again so we would print wirelessly from the fancy new lap top, I brought it to work and used it at the mall store and it was mercifully killed by using after market ink.


Of course if anyone has ever tried to have a printer serviced we all know that 10 minutes of tech time and you may as well buy a new one.  So I got an HP do it all unit for about 400 that printed wirelessly until you shut it off then I would have to re-install the software and reload it.  Generally it never did work consistently but when it did it worked well.  The ink cartridges were however made for people who only print about once every ten years as they held enough ink for what seemed like 10-12 pages.


Fast forward to last night…..


DAD, I can’t get the printer to work, can you help!!! I HAVE to turn this in tomorrow.  After a bit of work I resorted to asking Google what the deal was.  Hundreds of comments about the same thing, working fine then just quit printing red (hard when doing a science paper on visible light).  The word on the web was by not turning the printer on often enough it had somehow dried out and puked on the ability to print the 2 magenta colors.


Anyone want to see if the printer will stay together from the top of the Trail Head building?


First I killed one by leaving it on too much, second one by not buying the totally overpriced HP ink and Now I killed this one by not turning it on enough.  Please someone build a printer that will last for 8 years, have ink cartridges that last more than a few pages and don’t cost 60 bucks every time.  I know I am done with all HP products and would happily pay double if I thought I had a prayer keeping it working the 10-15 times a year I really need to print something out.


Isn’t  Technology Great…..