Boat Demo At Frenchtown Pond

Posted: Thursday, July 5th, 2012 at 2:59 pm

Boat Demo At Frenchtown Pond Image

Ignorance is Bliss right?
Not sure who said that first but I hear it every once in a while, and while it may have a grain of truth, Ignorance is really just Ignorance.
Ever know anyone who bought a car with out even test driving it?  Why would you ever buy a boat without trying it first?  Ok maybe of you are an expert paddler who could look at a canoe or Kayak design and see all the features built into its design.  If however you really don’t know anything about  a canoe or Kayak, why would you ever consider buying one without trying it first? 
By my count Missoula has about 8 places selling Canoes, Kayaks, and Stand up Paddle boards, and unless I am mistaken (I did no research) The Trail Head is the ONLY shop that has Canoe and Recreational Kayak Rentals and Demos.  We are clearly not the biggest dealers, that honor goes to shops that may or may not actually employ anyone who paddles, let alone is an enthusiast.  Even if the staff is good (and there are some great retail sales folks out there, trust me I have tried to hire a few of them) Why would you ever buy a boat with out some sense for what it feels like to paddle?
So that all said Join us Sunday July 15th for a Demo day at Frenchtown Pond, we will have a fleet of canoes, Kayaks and Standup Paddle boards for you to try.  Space is limited, please give the shop a call to get your name on the list, and let us know what you are interested in trying out.  We are asking for a $5 registration fee for some of the free instruction we will have on hand.
So Sunday July 15th from 11-3 at Frenchtown Pond,  Lose your boat ignorance and learn something to impress your friends. 
Just saying… that buying a boat with out paddling it is like getting married without kissing first.