The SOS ski swap: one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Posted: Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 at 11:06 pm

The SOS ski swap: one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Image

This weekend brings us another installment of the Safety On Snow ski and snowboard swap. This event always boggles my mind at how they pull it off. The way it works, and here’s the cool part, you can sell old (or new) gear on Saturday and/or buy it on Sunday. So if you to need to make room in the garage or you’re just starting out and need an inexpensive setup to get you on your feet this is the place. It’s always a crap-shoot at what you’ll find, some things are priced as if they have solid gold cores others are just too hard not to pick up.

I’ve had fun just combing through all the “vintage” items there other years. If you’re a ski (or snowboard) bum you can deck out a pretty sweet man-cave with the skis of yesteryear. And if you have kids and have about two seasons max to a ski setup this is one of the best bargains in town, but be ready to out sprint the other parents in-the-know because it can get a little cutthroat in that corner of the gym!

This all takes place this weekend at Big Sky High School, Saturday 11/5 from 9-5 is the drop-off (sell) day, and Sunday from 10-3 is the sale end of things. Don’t forget to stop by our booth with questions or just to ogle the new stuff this season. See you there.