Lou Dawson’s G3 Zen Oxide Review

Posted: Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 at 11:12 am

Lou Dawson’s G3 Zen Oxide Review Image

If you haven’t checked out Lou Dawson’s Wild Snow site it’s worth a look, we are excited to be selling G3’s skis this year, here is Lou’s take on the Zen Oxide.

I got a laugh this morning when a Buddhist friend of mine called me for ski recommends. We were talking mid-fats, and I said one of the ones to consider, and perhaps he’d like because of the name, is the Zen Oxide. Which begs the question, what’s next, the Evangelical Anhydride?

Ecumenicism aside, we’ve put a pair of these guns in our test and review quiver for this coming winter. We think they’ll be fun. Wood core, 178 centimeter, reasonable weight for this type of width and length: 131/105/123 at 63.9 ounces (1810 gr) per ski. Touted by G3 as “their fattest lightweight ski.” Not heavily rockered, but the early rise type looks to provide the lift assist we’re all looking for in the soft stuff. See our weight chart to compare with other skis.