Level 2 Avi Training In Missoula

Posted: Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 at 10:52 am

Level 2 Avi Training In Missoula Image

The Trail Head has been backcountry advocates since 1974, no matter the season or travel choice. Winter backcountry travel adds many more dangers to a trip. It doesn’t matter if it’s a day trip to Lolo Pass or multi-day yurt trip you need to know the snowpack and the invisible threat it can pose. We stock all the tools to assess this danger as well as what you would need to locate and rescue victims trapped in an avalanche. More important than the tools themselves is the knowledge to use them correctly.

Missoula and the surrounding area has a great resource in the West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation (WCMAF). They are a non-profit organization that posts snowpack conditions and avalanche danger on Mondays and Fridays. They are out in the field digging pits to help you decide if it’s safe to trek into the backcountry.

Long before WCMAF there was the American Avalanche Institute (AAI). They began teaching avalanche awareness and hazard evaluation courses the winter of 1974-75 in Silverton, Colorado and Jackson, Wyoming.  AAI currently teaches courses in 12 states and employs some of the best instructors in the business.

AAI and WCMAF are teaming up to offer Missoula and the surrounding area the opportunity to be level 2 avalanche certified, the course is being held January 5-8, 2012. Classroom time will be held here in town and field time (60%) in the backcountry adjacent to Snowbowl. This class is limited to 12 participants and will cost $435, a small price to pay to have access to the backcountry, the biggest resort there is. Sign up and be safe out there!