How can you not love the Fall

Posted: Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 at 5:35 pm

How can you not love the Fall Image

Ok, so my staff reminded me that I should really use this little forum our web guy made for me to have fun and be positive!  I have to admit it is easy to vent about things that drive you crazy.  I will try and leave those topics for my fishing partners.

I have an old friend who moved to California right after college,  he said he had enough of winter forever.   I can see how being able to hang out outside all year with out down has its benefits, but you do give up one major thing.  FALL

Think about it, fall offers everything we love about living here all wrapped up into a 6-8 week period.  Winter to look forward to and summer to enjoy the last gasps of.  I love doing trips in the fall realizing that it will be dark by 7 has its advantages, I always get a great nights sleep and rarely have to sleep in all my clothes.

Fishing is a passion of mine and fall is the time I appreciate more than any other season of the year.  The fish can be spooky and have had more than a few imitations floated in front of them so its satisfying to hook a few.  Fish know the time of plenty is coming to an end and they get aggressive and feed like its the last meal for a while.  The crowds of summer are gone and I often find a whole stretch of water with not another person car or boat in site.  The wise men also say fishing is best during the most pleasant time of the day I like 2 pm better that 5 am or 10 pm, how about you.

Then of course there is hunting season,  if I could take all fall off it would be easy to find things to do every day, but alas  its time to plan for the holidays.