La Nina is back for Missoula and Western Montana

Posted: Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 at 9:18 pm

La Nina is back for Missoula and Western Montana Image

The pumpkin seeds are roasted, leaves are being raked, and the frost is getting thicker each morning. Fall is winding down, last fall was a little bit of a let down, we had a really hard freeze that left all the leaves stuck tight. Not to mention very little color change. It made this year seem much brighter. Now’s a good time to go for hike/run/bike in Pattee Canyon to see the tamaracks in full force.

But with the waning of fall I look forward to winter, and snow. We had that first little taste the day after Halloween and the chill in the morning has been great. But what really has me excited? All the news of La Nina, and something about a “wild card” in there as well. I’m pretty much a Missoula “lifer” and remember winters as a kid with huge snow drifts and school being canceled due to blizzards. And of course there was the winter of ’96-’97, if you weren’t here then you are probably sick of hearing the old timers talk about it. It was epic, it started Christmas Eve and didn’t stop for days. There was close to a foot in town. I remember hiking Lincoln Hills and boarding down…

With a fairly sporadic track record for snow in the last decade it’s pretty exciting to have back-to-back LaNinas. So pop in a ski movie, watch the ski hill webcams and let’s look forward to an epic winter, fingers crossed.