Gecko Skins: Totally Glueless

Posted: Tuesday, December 27th, 2011 at 12:43 am

Gecko Skins: Totally Glueless Image

So what do your skins look like? No, not the fuzzy side, the sticky side? Covered in dog hair? Pine needles? If they are in good, clean, like new condition, how hard is it to pull them apart? There’s a new kid on the block, and his baseball may be nicer than yours. Enter Gecko Skins, a European company using a worldwide patented technology that creates suction to the bottom of your skis, wet or dry, without the use of any type of glue adhesive whatsoever! They use a sticky silicone formulation that adheres to smooth (non-porous) surfaces i.e. ski bases.¬†

Easier to handle, great glide (only available in mohair), and lighter than conventional skins. Did we mention no glue, that means no re-glue every couple seasons. Not with these, warm water is all you need, that’s right you can rejuvenate them yourselves. Without special tools or caustic fumes. After trimming there is no need to singe the edges to keep them from unraveling. On models with tail clips, the tail clip is permanently fixed. No more losing tail clips, or carrying spares.¬†Available in multiple lengths and widths, with or without a tail clip, and each pair with a tail clip is completely adjustable (in fractions of a second) to up to 9 cm in length, enabling further use on multiple pairs of similarly shaped skis. Quick and easy application, with or without a tail clip, and even easier removal for the fastest transitions.

If you’re tired of pulling your ski buddies’ dreadlocks or dog hair off you skins, or don’t have the Wookie strength to pull your skins apart try something new. Come by and check them today.