Gear that really works!

Posted: Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 at 3:56 pm

Gear that really works! Image

I hate spending money on gear and clothing that just doesn’t work.  It is especially true when you spend a nominal amount of money on something that works great it makes you realize how much stuff doesn’t really work very well.  We have all been sucked in by the Lure of the $19.99 drill in the blue box, looks like the good yellow one, and geeze I only need it for a few holes.

I had a good friend tell me to buy a coffee maker for the store to sell several months after he got one.  My fishing buddy made me a cup using his and I immediately bought my own and a couple for the store.  The AERO Press Coffee maker is the real deal.  Super simple plastic plunger system that utilizes a small disk filter and makes the best damn cup of coffee I have ever had. It is so easy to sell stuff that works, 30 bucks for the best coffee I have ever had, and that was camping.  Watch out if you are in the Trail head Shopping for a gift and you don’t know what to get!

My wife and I use it every day at home, and have all but retired that thing on the counter that spills coffee every time you try and pour a cup.   So why cant the HP server I spent 3000 work properly, and on top of that why the hell cant they repair it when it doesn’t.  Power Supply keeps going bad.  So I have owned about 15-20 computers in my business career and I have NEVER had one with a bad power supply,  that deal you plug the cord into in the back of every computer made.  To make matters even more aggravating the thing had a “back up” power supply, so 2 cords to plug into the wall, both have failed and cannot be repaired.  I have to say I was blown away by the matter of fact way that the CS rep at HP said Too bad So sad.   Buy an new one, well I can tell you it won’t be an HP…  I just try to remember how great my coffee was this morning!