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  • Aug18

    Canoe Skills instruction with Chet Morris

    Saturday, August 18th, 2018, August 18th and 19th

    Cost: $185 for lessons only, rentals available at The Trail Head

    Canoe Skills instruction with Chet Morris

    Most everyone who has been in a canoe will tell you they know how to canoe.  It just is not so.


    Learning basic paddle strokes, Maneuvers in the river as well as river running strategies will make you a far more confident paddler and allow you to enjoy the rivers far more.  Chet has been a canoeist for most of his life and has been teaching canoeing for over 30 years.  Learn the right way to have fun and be safe.

    One look at his garage and quiver of boats will tell you that Chet is a canoeist.  Take your basic skill up a notch or three with his help and experience. Class is $185.  Call or Text Chet for more information  406-880-2950 or

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